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Does your client already have a great website (or maybe they still need one?), but have not taken advantage of added business, traffic and conversions a mobile website can provide? Having them understand that they are missing a tremendous amount of addition traffic is easy.

Amazingly, today, 15% - 20% of website traffic can attributed to Mobile sites. The best industry forecasts show that by the end of 2012 that number will grow to 30% and by 2015-will likely reach as high as 50%! Here is the most amazing part, a leading testing organization has proven statistics showcasing certain *sectors have an earth shattering Click to Call rate of as high as 60.7%, this is 30-60 times higher than the average direct mail response rate.

A single direct mail piece generally costs up to $500 just for design, while printing and mailing costs can be astronomical, even for bulk. Most direct mail senders are happy with a fraction of a percentage of 1 point return, and literally dancing when the exceed 1%, So what about Yellow pages? Yellow Page advertisement begins at  $35 a month for a tiny ad, or $500 a year and go up from there, way up! Many companies that rely strongly on old media are literally spending $10's of thousand a year! Yellow page ads are designated for just a small geographic area, widen the area or increase the size and you could be paying up to $5,000 a month and more.

Why spend all this unneeded $$$ when you can provide your clients could have their own businesses' feature laden Mobile Website at unheard of pricing.  Now, we can convert your clients website starting at just $450 plus a small monthly hosting fee. We host the site but a clever one line JavaScript redirect shows companies own web domain such as

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Mobile Websites Advantages and Optimization Capabilities


What do you and your clients see when on any street or in any public area these days? People, lots of people and they are all staring down at their smartphone, browsing the web using their iPhones, Android phones and BlackBerrys. In fact, over one fifth of all Americans access the mobile web each and every day, according to a 2009 report from the Pew Research Center, with these numbers increasing rapidly. Last year, 2010, over 73 million people in the United States alone accessed the web via a mobile browser - an increase of 31% in just 1 year (according to ComScore), the increase this year is expected to be almost double. 

The problem users face is that most websites out there have not been created to perform or even show up properly on a mobile browser, the experience is less than optimal and in some cases absolutely abysmal (not to mention slow as molasses)! In order to provide this quickly increasing group, mobile website users, with the best possible and an easy user experience, more and more business owners with websites need to consider a mobile website to ensure a great user experience when viewing a website on a smartphone display. The rapidly expanding base of mobile web users should in itself be enough to convince website owners to embrace and support the mobile web, but there are myriad of additional huge advantages one needs to consider.

SEO and online Visibility for Mobile sites adds yet another layer of potential profit for you, our system will even provide you or your client with detailed analytics with which to further improve ROI (both yours and your clients).

Enhancement of the User Experience


Todays Mobile websites are explicitly designed from the get go for handheld devices such as smartphones and some tablets, helping to overcome the far from pleasing experience of viewing a desktop website on any of todays smartphones! Websites designed for the "mobile web" provide a highly optimized user experience, displaying the information in a way that is quick and easy to navigate while greatly improving loading. Information can be found without digging around, our conversions add the functionality to sites that do not have so that with a simple click, contact can made with the business, touching a button can plot their location with directions on a map or even connect their mobile phones to their businesses immediately with Click to Call.

Customers Engage with Content they're Searching


Our mobile sites will allow you to quickly engage users with mobile-specific features such as one button Click to Call, location mapping and directions, providing immediate geographic information and proximity. For local businesses and companies that delivery or provide services such as Pizzerias, Locksmiths, Bail Bondsman, Salons, Medical and Service professionals just having a mobile website will provide a significant boost in visitors. Potential clients and users will interact and contact directly with their respective businesses. Your clients' website visitors will have these capabilities via location-aware technology already included in their Smartphones Their Mobile website will have the ability to quickly connect their browsers and potential clients directly to them via Mobile Phones modern capabilities, locating them, emailing, Click to call so effortlessly and easily, all from the touch of a button on their mobile site. The increase in ROI can pay for their mobile site in less than a week s clients can and will take advantage of their products or services.

Mobile Click to Call ROI Simply Astronomical

The following numbers were garnered from a major mobile reporting agency and were recently updated. They show mind-boggling potential, with rock bottom numbers exceeding direct mail by 10:1 and top numbers by as much as 100:1! Will your clients be impressed by these ROI figures? You bet they will! Any with a starting point of just $450, they have very little to loose. Remember 120 years ago when businesses started to realize the potential of having a website? Remember when some people had web sites built just to keep up with their competition? Well this opportunity even blows the earlier Internet growth away. Mobile numbers are so pervasive; nobody can afford to overlook them, especially at the low entry point of just $450!

Mobile Site Click to Call Summary

Business Vertical

Average Click to
Call Rate

Sample Size

Highest %

Total Visits

Total Click
to Calls













Auto Repair






Home Repair






Professional Services






Retail Stores
























Beauty & Spa






Average Across All Sites






Data gathered through: 8/10/11








Mobile Marketing and Spending, Huge, Continues on the Upswing (The Relevancy Group)

As mobile marketing continues it's unabated grot on Google Bing and Yahoo etc. 2011 speding is predficted to be 1 Billion Dollars in 2011, 43% of marketers are planning to increase mobile spending.

Mobile marketing # spent

Improving ROI is the top priority for mobile marketers in 2011. 73% of marketers say that this will be the primary focus of their mobile campaigns. The Relevancy Group survey found that 43% of Fortune 500 marketers who aren't planning to increase mobile ad spending in 2011 cite ROI as the biggest deterrent.

Improved Search, Online Visibility & SEO Performance

Google Bing and Yahoo each have Mobile versions of their search engines, having a mobile website is the first step in having those site listed on the respective search engines. An additional profit center for you would be to offer an Online Visibility and SEO program designed specifically for your clients Mobile site, thereby assuring top rankings on the mobile friendly search engines while also providing high placement and visibility within the ever-growing number of Mobile and Local directories.

Mobile Sites Increase Brand Identity & Loyalty


A mobile website will increase Online visibility with Mobile Web users while immediately providing a way for their business to stand out from the crowd. Companies that were early adopters, launched sites on the Web early on remain amongst the highest rated on search today. Speed to market and early inclusion on the Search Engines before the millions and millions of websites came on board assured their legacy positions even today and have continued to build Brand Loyalty and Identity.

Show your clients that being part of a ground floor opportunity twill give them a huge advantage over their competition by garnering an early lead and a dominant position of the vast mobile marketplace. A mobile website will assist in strengthening of their brand while presenting a positive, contemporary brand identity for their organization. Having a mobile optimized website provides a positive statement to the world, their mobile website will literally be in their potential clients faces with a positive message and multiple high performing easy ways to find and contact their business.

Portable Pervasive Online Connectivity 24x7x365


Tens of thousands of people a day are added to the mobile web ranks, moving up to smartphones. The numbers projected for the new iPhones in 2011 alone are 56 million, simply mind-boggling, add to that Android, Blackberry and Microsoft and the numbers are truly staggering, well north of ½ billion! Since mobile websites can be accessed anywhere, anytime, potential reach is expanding exponentially. This level of constant portable pervasive connectivity provides your clients and all businesses with an unprecedented opportunity to connect with a huge targeted audience in new ways, whenever and wherever they may be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

First Mover Competitive Advantage –


Don't wait till sell your clients a mobile website, like the Web, as time passes, more and more mobile sites come online, presenting more and more competition. With all the stats available and the low point of entry all your clients can be one of the smart and early adopters, receiving all the potential benefits available via a mobile site to businesses today! Having a mobile website will no longer be a luxury, it is rapidly becoming an absolute necessity. Being found today on mobile search sites provided businesses' with goods or services a huge competitive advantage. Contact GetMeOnTop to see how easy it is to provide your client base with a mobile website.

If your client does not have a website, or has an old out of date site not to worry, GetMeOnTop 16 years of experience building websites and SEO services will assure can assure Online Visibility, either through Mobile and traditional websites. GetMeOnTop will ensure that you clients, not their competitors, can and will capture new customers and visitors almost immediately!

Flexibility & Cost-Effective Compared to App Development


A mobile website is the quickest and most cost effective way to gain visibility in the mobile space. Development and deployment of a Mobile web is a much less restrictive way to create a mobile presence compared to Smartphone app developed. In order to provide the greatest reach, App development requires the creation of multiple apps to assure reaching the masses. With so multiple platforms and resolutions a separate App must be created for each, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows 7 Mobile and Android.

Besides the lead-time on creation, Apps then must be submitted to each respective App store, meeting the specific requirements respectively, facing potentially long approval cycles as well as possible turndowns. App development is expensive and development time is considerably longer. Once completed a Mobile site can be deployed immediately, Apps must be disseminated to target visitors, they must be downloaded through the app store and SEO is not helpful, as they are not found on any of the Mobile Search engines. Big benefit of a mobile website is that it is available to everyone through the Mobile Web, no downloads, no installs, one version works for all platforms, for all contemporary smartphone browsers and users and are generally platform agnostic.

Additional Online Advertising Opportunities


Mobile advertising is growing rapidly, presenting new ways and opportunities for reaching any businesses targeted audience with unmatched precision. If your company advertises on Google AdWords or other Pay Per Click network it is easy to also assure that your ads appear on the Mobile Search engine as well. Another huge benefit of mobile advertising is that it allows all browsers to automatically be (re)directed to their Mobile Optimized website.

Act! The Mobile Web Here Now, Today

The mobile web is no longer just a concept or a poorly implemented scheme; it's a reality, with millions of users and an easy and cost effective way to reach them all. If a company provides a service or markets a product, the Mobile web presents a perfect opportunity to communicate and target specific audiences online 24 x 7 x 365. Most leading analysts agree with reporting firms such as ComScore, within a few short years, smartphones will usage will easily surpass PCs as the most pervasive way to access the Web both in the USA and across the world.

Make sure your clients take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity, convince them of the myriad reasons and potential of becoming one of the early adopters, connect their business directly with the Mobile Web user on their mobile device today.

GetMeOnTop Provides Quick- Cost Effective, Feature Driven Mobile Website


For additional information on our partner program, samples or to launch your own mobile website please Call GetMeOnTop now at (646) 833-8SEO, or email us today at Remember, Mobile Website conversions begin at just $450…


·      Pizzerias had an average click to call rate of 32% and a high of 52.4%. Even medical professionals had an average click to call rare of 16.3% (16 out of a 100) and a high of 52% (52 out of a hundred people). Statistics for other industries are available upon request. Even at the lowest, the number is 8 times greater than direct mail; at the high are over 30 greater than direct mail!

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